Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Outline

Along with outlining my support of more traditional left-wing ideas like universal income or foreign aid, one of the things I would like to do is discuss some more controversial ideas which are grounded in the values of compassion and equality. The goal here is two-fold: firstly I believe that, in an ideal world, there are better ways to ensure fairness and justice that might seem counter-intuitive. Secondly, changing the belief that the left is unthinking and idealistic requires both the actual and perceived ability to challenge and adapt our core policies.

To that end I would like to start with two areas where I believe that we have got it wrong: tuition fees and healthcare. My exact reasoning will be in later posts, but suffice to say my positions will be unpalatable to many, particularly students. My thesis is that caring about equality does not entail a particular way of getting there. I am well aware that the motive of profit can bring with it plenty of nasty and undesirable things. I am also aware that the vast majority of what we learn, do and buy affects almost everyone around us. Nonetheless, private competitive markets can be powerful tools in certain situations and the idolisation of those tools makes them no less powerful.

I also intend to advocate for some less well-known but still important policies, such as "helicopter money", compulsory voting and certain types of electoral reform.

Anyway, details to come. Stay tuned.

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